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When the painting sounds ... Artist Ekaterina Arkhipova

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When the painting sounds ... Artist Ekaterina Arkhipova

Childhood is our inner world. Becoming older, we only change behavior and accumulate experience - the child does not change within us. Therefore, we all our lives like family holidays and continue to wait for gifts. Many of us need that close people feel in us a child - such as we were and how we remain for life.

I really love Christmas and New Year. Not celebrating them as something extraordinary - on the contrary - everything is very traditional, in a small family circle.
I love the feeling of magic that arises in already frosty air, the feeling of anticipation of some inner holiday - as if you are going to be born.
Christmas and New Year for me - an eternal holiday of childhood. Not because Santa Claus and gifts are long overdue, but because every year under Christmas there is a feeling of surprising inner purity, as if you were just born again. I think that for the rest of our lives we preserve (and guard) this feeling inside, that we are children, children forever - tender, vulnerable, trusting, hungry for love, just like that.

Ekaterina Arkhipova - a young, talented artist, a graduate of the Yekaterinburg Art College. Shadra, a picturesque and pedagogical department. When you peer into her painting, there is a strange feeling that the color turns into a clear and pure melody. It is not easier to understand art than to understand the singing of birds. But the indifferent spectator will certainly hear the melody of the picturesque and graphic works of Catherine Arkhipova, will understand and love.

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Catherine is an artist who knows how to hook on the living, the most intimate, stir up, fill the soul with a new light. Born in 1967 in the city of Alexandria, Egypt. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2000. Her works are in the collections of the Primorsky State Picture Gallery, the Museum and Exhibition Center (Nakhodka), the galleries of contemporary art Art-Floor, Arch, Portmei, in private collections (Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, etc.) years Katya lives simultaneously in two cities, and is not ready to give preference to any of them. In Nakhodka there is a house, parents, friends, tennis, a car, favorite beaches, hills, forests; in Vladivostok - a workshop, exhibitions, galleries, orders, more opportunities for selling paintings, necessary for any artist to meet with those who understand, love and appreciate painting. In Vladivostok - contacts and connections, the acquisition of new topics, fans and new, unexpected, but natural twists of fate, new victories.

Music: Song of the Storyteller from the play "The Snow Queen" (-)

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