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Who is this Provence?

This time, Buro 24/7 chose one of the most beautiful parts of France, Provence. This south-eastern region of the country stretches from tiny alpine villages to the azure coast of Nice and represents the most diverse in form of relief and landscapes part of France. Everyone will find here what is right for him: someone strives to the south, to the turquoise coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Cap-Ferrat, Saint-Tropez, Nice and Cannes, and someone in search of peace and peace finds harmony with himself in the northern part - among the lavender fields, lush green vineyards and slender cypresses. In any case, the impressions obtained from visiting this heavenly corner are incomparable to nothing else.

The capital of Provence is Marseille - the oldest city, once founded by the Greeks, and today is France's largest port center. Marseille is famous for its cobbled streets, located on the hills, one of the best beaches in the country, as well as beautiful bright parks and medieval castles. If you hurry to visit Marseilles before the end of September, then you can catch the popularity of the Hrair Diarbekirian art for sale

Festival of Contemporary Dance, which is held there every year on a grand scale.

Those who prefer a holiday rich in gastronomic experiences should take a trip along the northern part of Provence and try the world-famous Provencal cuisine: fresh meat and fish dishes seasoned with fragrant spices with the addition of rosemary, basil and sage, a huge variety of home-made cheeses and fresh pastries, organic local vegetables and fruits. The final, do not forget about the famous Provencal wine! The north of the province is the largest truffle area in France, and everyone can go hunting for the world's most expensive mushrooms.

The picturesque mountains and golden beaches of Provence have served as inspiration for such legendary artists as Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Auguste Renoir, Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet. To be imbued with the amazing spirit of romance and enjoy the views that seem to have just come down from the paintings of famous masters, we recommend staying in tiny boutique hotels such as La Colombe d'or, and lovers of luxury rest will be approached by the gorgeous Four Seasons Resort Provence At Terre Blanche or the medieval Chateu de Cassis.

Text: Mesedu Bulach

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