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Grzegorz Wrobel: the effect of photography in watercolor

Sometimes the surname given at birth assumes a vital purpose. Grzegorz Wrobel is in the process of creative realization - therefore, perhaps, will still surpass its legendary namesake. Or equal to it. But, most likely, just pave their way in contemporary art, regardless of the greatness of the genius Vrubel.

His favorite theme is urban sketches, almost always permeated through the sun. Favorite technique - watercolor, with which he creates light and saturated landscapes. The hero of each picture is a fairy-tale house or some other large-scale object of the first plan. If you peer into it more closely, then all the expressed details seem to fall into place, and the flowers growing on the balconies turn out to be not the magic ones, but the most ordinary ones. And the numerous arches, in fact, are not the underwater house of Neptune, just reflect the imagination of the architect, which he saw and enchantingly presented to his viewer Gregor Vrubel (Grzegorz Wrobel).



Particularly magical in it are landscapes of nature: whether it is a snow-covered forest sparkling in the sun, or a serene water surface, in which the surrounding nature is emphatically reflected realistically Michael Cheval art for sale. All his works are distinguished by a pronounced minimalism of lines and an incredibly bright, lively and believable light. It seems that the pictures radiate it yourself. Many works are unique at all - it seems that this is not watercolor, but photography Kush Paintings for sale - and this effect in this technique is extremely difficult to achieve.




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