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  • What is the experience of self-taught oil painting?

    Multi-map! First answer.
    Primary school painting pencil drawing, secondary school blackboard newspaper.
    Sketch level stays in geometry and never touches color.
    Now work for a few years, and one day bored to draw, his wife can say ah, the way for the new house more decorative, so bought a paint, easel, mobile phone search map copy, began, and now half a year, feeling pretty good , First on the map.


    This is a copy of last week, but also feel that they painted the most heart, spent about six hours.
    There must be a lot of Mishap, but entertain themselves can be completely. So, want to learn a friend, do not hesitate to do it is.
    Here I introduce my self-learning process, I hope to help you.



     so began, the first




    Just started a little bit painful, completely do not understand, the first contact with the paint, not color, paint pen do not know how to wash, get dirty
    Half an hour to get the first one, it is clear that the whole body is not three-dimensional, the color is too bright.
    Disagree and try to paint, or not good-looking, of course, these are in the oil painting paper test pen.
    So I checked a moment, read some introductory tutorials, know the picture depth is through the color changes, clear and vague to the performance of some basic knowledge, a week later
    Painted the third, and strive to overcome the first two issues.


    6 sent to the friend circle everyone marveled, of course, happy to suffer.
    So, I try to sum up some of the methods, is the first practice, find the problem, learning techniques, and finally overcome.
    For example.

    Pierre Auguste Renoir Luncheon of the Boating Party Oil Painting Reproductions